Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tiling by Nested Polygons (2)

(A) Tiling by Nested Hexagons, Squares and Equilateral Triangles

(B) Tiling using Nested Dodecagons (and Hexagons)

(C) Tiling by Nested Octagons and Squares

(D) Tiling using Nested Hexagons

(E) Tiling by Nested Hexagons and Equilateral Triangles

(F) Tiling by Nested Dodecagons, Hexagons and Squares

(G) Tiling by Nested Hexagons and Equilateral Triangles

( Mathematical software used: GeoGebra )

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  1. Very similar to the Spidron tilings - Very impressive work!
    Thank you!

    Daniel Erdely, Spidronist

  2. I have drawn such things by hand since I was a kid. I still draw sometimes but it can take a lot of time. For example,
    When I saw the images in this post, I saw something that could be described as a wild fantasy. I've almost never tried to draw these things with a computer but if you were able to do this with GeoGebra, I should take a look of it too. So nice to see that someone else has enjoyed them. I was thinking, is there any precise formula for the curves that appear? It should depend on the n of n-gon, r for the side length of n-gon (or bigger radius) and s for the constant step length on every previous edge. Perhaps you know that formula?
    Thank you for such amazing pictures!